November 20, 2009


First ever poem on Deadthegossip; comments are welcome!

i let it go because i love it, let it flow until its flooded
these mad bitches on some Bull shit,
seein' Red like they Blooded
i don't sweat it bitch i'm Blunted,
got the vanilla dutches gutted
all the shotties from this Gotti got me on my 'alofuckit'
jane gimme stimulation but she be havin' me speculatin'
got no patience to be complacent,
way too anxious to be waitin'
i be debatin', it's world war III in the mind of T
on the outside i'm serene because I have to be
only inside do i scream, the silence & scream won't meet
i keep shit sweet & make sure to be discreet when i weep
can't look weak, exterior harder than concrete
but they say pain runs deep
sometimes i slip up, & let it seep thru my defenses
get restless & let my emotions replace my deadly weapons
& when i'm tight i'm reckless, ruthless & relentless
defective doll with too many curves for the shelf
that's why i be tellin' myself fuck a "Barbie" cause i'm a
one woman army, try & fail to harm me
watch em try to disarm me, but i'm nasty
leave battles without a scratch on me,
theyll learn pretty soon that they cant beat me & join me